Anyone have a convertible?

Does the novelty wear off? Have an offer for Audi s5 convertible pending. I live on east coast FYI. 



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S5 is great car. I used to have one. The AWD is excellent. Zero wind noise when the top is up. Do it faggot.

I have a Jeep. Top down and doors off does not get old.

Had an s2000 for a couple years. Never wore off. Still my favorite car I have owned, but not because it was a convertible. It was an amazing handling car with one ofbthe best transmissions I have ever felt. 

I used to have a 4-cyclinder Jeep, 1988. I took the hard top off a week after I bought it and never put it back on. When winter came I just got a bikini that went from windshield to roll bar and said fuck it.

The novelty does not wear off.

Not for me. I hope to always have one.

I turned me cheyenne truck into one with a little effort and a sawz all.  Yee haw

kennyfrommd -

I have a Jeep. Top down and doors off does not get old.


I only have the MySky system for my Renegade so its not quite a convertible but I do enjoy it.





yes i do 

i have probably ridden in a convertible less than 10 times in my life.  My uncle has an old MG, outside of that, i don't even know anyone who owns one.  

I had a 1996 cobra convertable I drove occasionally, I used to own a used car dealership and I'd buy something and drive it a little while before selling it. Im not much of a car guy, except classic cars, I drive a truck but convertibles are for women. I probably haven't driven a convertable with the top down more than 5 times in my life. 

I bought a cavalier vert in the late 80's and loved it

I live in such a wet climate that it seems a little pointless to own one, with that said I am looking at a classic car that is a convertible

so yeah that's another vote for yes buy it

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I have one, but it only has two wheels.

VectorWega - 

I've had convertibles for over 11 years but really am not a convertible guy at I bought my cars because I enjoyed the cars not because I like pulling the top down. I had a Mazda Miata and would drive with the top down sometimes.  Now I have a Porsche Boxster and I don't ever drive it with the top down.  I actually plan to replace it with a Porsche Cayman (not a convertible) because I think they look nicer but I bought the Boxster as an entry level vehicle to see if I liked Porsches (they are substantially cheaper than Caymans despite essentially being the same car).  One thing to note is that convertibles don't tend to block out exterior noise very well.  This was very noticeable in my Miata.  In my Boxster, not so much.  They've done a good job with that.

Miata and a Boxster - so weird, I always thought you were a guy

Boxsters are for guys Mike


Fags count as guys

I have a BMW 135i convertible. I have an hour and a half drive to work. Had it 2 years and still love it during the summer.