Anyone have a windows 10 home/pro activation key?

I know one of you work in an office.


Sorry, I only use Windows 11 pleb.

walks away with nose in the air


It won’t let me change my fucking headset sounds.

Buy one off Kinguin.

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I know I’m probably going to. I just figured someone here was in an office with a commercial key.



My nigga

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So it’s saved on here if anyone ever needs it. Took 45 seconds to do.

this is definitely illegal seth meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers


Was going to “find” a copy anyway.

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It’s amazing what they let stay in Reddit and what they will delete and suspend your account over

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I love Reddit. It’s honestly 1000000x more useful than this place. I’ve never had ANY arguments on Reddit. It’s typically people just helping each other.


Here’s basically every Adobe program. It’s a 4-minute video with each step. Very easy to do. Saves a shit ton of money.

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Elgato Sound Capture.

Game capture. Install all the shit and just use the sound capture.

This allows you to output the sound off one pc to multiple devices. Example you can play sound on your monitor, headset, your capture card to another pc for encoding all at once. It has a checklist so you can pick whichever devices you have and want the audio output to. Typically if you have headphones on, you can’t get sound out of your monitor or portable speakers, etc.