Anyone have access to a botnet?

or zombies, vics, etc?

I do a lot of security seminars and want to buy a botnet for demo. It
would be unethical if I deployed the trojans myself obviously.

lol, this sounds cool :)

How could you demo the botnet and stay legal?


Well, for a decent size botnet, say 1000+ computers, I think $300-500
is pretty reasonable depending on the quality of the Trojan they are
using (feature set).


"staying legal" is obviously pretty touchy since laws around the world
are different. I'm in Thailand and I have a lot of headroom here since
I'm pretty well known in IT security and have connections with the Thai
DSI (Department of Investigation), equivalent of the FBI, and the people
who would "bust" me are my friends.

By demo, I want to show the threat of Trojans are real, perhaps show
the online machines, and actually tell the vic that they have been
exploited, in a "white hat" manner.

Of course, their might be a few hundred people who sees what they are
doing on their machines or if they have a quickcam see who the vic is,
or what they are saying if they have their microphone turned on, buts
its in a benign fashion, and I will then immediately alert them. I
wouldn't be using the botnet for Spamming, DDoS, etc

If anyone has connections with anyone managing a botnet, or has
hijacked a botnet, I would greatly appreciate contacting the person.

they usually connect to private 0wned IRC servers...

not Undernet or EFNet, although that does happen with private rooms and newbie hackers.