Anyone have an Iguana's?

I have a 5 ft long male Iguana named Zeke. Just wondering if anyone else had one

Lucky Bastid. I've always wanted an Iguana.


Yeah I have a 5ft female..

I have a male who's about 2 1/2 years old..

i got an almost 5 foot female named tev, shes my baby

Her name is Miss. Armbar .......

She just finished shedding, little over 2 1/2 feet. And roams the house at will until night time.

Used to have two.One was a large 5+ foot male i raised from a wee baby, the other i eventually got from the neighbours later on as his gf.It was a female that had MBD pretty bad as a youngun' but was doing much much better later on.A bit crippled but the sweetest personality ever, she'd go back into her cage at night on her own to sleep.She would bask outside in the sun with screaming kids and barely bat an eye, let them pet her etc.I highly recommend a female if you wish to keep them as pets, they don't get the territorial problems or the breeding insanity that males go through once they reach maturity.It's a few weeks to a few months of scary-big-lizard every year when that happens.They'll bite, charge, whip etc even though the rest of the time they're perfectly tame.They just become enraged and hate your guts while in season like that.Males might possibly look better (some females look very male) but imo the troubles they become make it not worth it unless you properly prepare for this.Even neutering hasn't proven fully effective in combating this.My male outside in the sun.This is before he was fully grown but still huge @ around 5 feet, just not as beefy as he became:

Momita, nice iggy btw!!

Him the summer before, getting ready for some dinner.He had his full tail for the entire time i had him:

He is Gorgeous!

momita, I didnt know you had an iguana!

(this is allison from globalmma)

Allison!!! Hey, how ya doing?? Yes she is our baby, I rescued her from starving to death as a baby.  Good to hear from you!

I have a question, will she change colors? Or are the males just a different color?

from experience, some become darker with age. Males will often take on an orange color when in season.

Here's my guy almost a year ago..I dont have anything more recent.

He is beautiful Allison........  How in heavens name is he on a picture hanging on the wall?? LOL

He has managed to get in stranger places. The frame is about two inches wide, so he manages..The funny thing is watching him climb from my dining room table, to the ledge of the chair, and then leap to the picture and catch it with one claw..


generaly speaking, i find several species of monitor to be better suited for captive care (Dumerils, black rough neck). Iguana males can be tamm all their life and then get very aggressive upon reachimgh maturity (5 yrs).

anyone expeience this?

ok, i jus read your post, sorry.


My male would get a ton of orange when in season, he looked very cool, just not so pleasant to deal with lol.

I had an iguana for about a year and a half. That was the meanest herp that I have ever owned. I would not suggest that anyone buy an iguana when you could own a bearded dragon, leopard gecko, etc. Maybe it was just the iguana that I had but I have known several other people that keep iguanas and have nothing but problems.