Anyone have an Iguana's?

It's funny that Iguana's are the most common lizard sold in the US, but are simultaneously one of the most fragile in terms of keeping them alive. I've had 3, all have died due to various reasons. The last one I had was my wifes, and it was about 4 feet long. She started to get sick at one point, and we took her to the vet and found out all the things we had done wrong in keeping her. She developed some tumor that eventually killed her.

Once she bit me in the face and it felt like someone had punched me.

I would like to add that i would love to own an Iguana again one day, but not until i own my own house and can afford the time and space required.They're a lot of work, but imo it's well worth the payoff when you have a friendly dinosaur roaming the house sharing your space.They can become quite friendly.

I'd heard a stat from a vet that Iguanas were the second most abused animal in North America, second to Horses if you can believe it! This is in regards to proper care.

Yes, I always discourage people from buying an iguana as a pet, especially if its for a child. Even the adults who try to take good care of them are usually horribly misinformed about diet and such.

My aunt's boyfriend goes through like one a year, and still insists on feeding them crickets and worms, no matter what efforts I make to try to correct him.

Here's the poop on the poop...

They become like dogs or even people lol..If fed properly with a consistant balanced diet they'll poop like once a day and usually at the same time and they'll go to the same place, which is usually their water dish.Water seems to make em poop like the morning cup of coffee, and they seem to prefer to poop there, which also makes it easier for us to care for 'em.Just let him poop in the container and then go dump it out.

Most people with free-roamers don't have them roaming 24/7.They have a cage to sleep in and keep em out of trouble when people aren't around, so you let em poop first then let them out to explore.I do know fo people with full-time roamers and it's pretty much the same deal.They're creatures of habit, they'll have favourite spots to bask and hang out, and they'll have a certain spot to poop.You make sure you have a water dish or some paper down at that spot.

They aren't like a hamster or anything that just craps wherever as they run about, they're quite intelligent and learn where the bathroom is.

oooh lucky bastard...Then i'd suggest building a pen in the backyard you can take your iguana out to.It'll protect it from any predators (ie cats, raccoons and other critters) and get it the real sunshine they need.Plus pooping outdoors isn't such a big deal then, just bring it in at night or if you're confident in the warmth just bring it indoors for the winter.

Spankenstyne- it looks like you have your iguana outside can't he just scale the fence and get away?

I suppose if he was so inclined yes...He'd just lay out in the sun though