Anyone have an old relative living alone, tech monitoring

I have an old aunt that is getting close to needing to be in a care home but wants to live in her own place.

I was telling my mom we should get a few monitoring cameras and an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch has a feature where it can detect a fall and alert pre programmed contacts . It can also monitor weird heart rhythms. I want to use this experience for my mom as well, she is still strong and sharp but she is getting older. I want her to be independent for as long as possible.

Any other advice?

I know a guy who’s mom or wife had dementia. He stopped at the store to grab something and she wondered off. He called 911 right away and they searched for her. They found her dead in a ditch a few days later. Some sort of tech tracker would have helped.

My only problem with the Apple Watch is you have to charge it all the time. My aunt can’t operate her flip phone and tv remote

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In. Very interesting topic.

My mom is in the early to mid stages of dementia. I have found nothing suitable. Everything we’ve tried to use is a bit much for her. Probably your best bet would be video monitoring in her house. We have a security system in the house, but she often pushes the fire or silent alarm button.

You will like this story. We helped find a guy with dementia who wondered off. When we found him and returned him his family says he does this often. I told them to put trackers on him to make it easier on everyone else

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Probably Life Alert or a similar device is more elder friendly.

One piece of advice is to have a nondestructive entry plan on file with local dispatch.
In my career we took alot of doors because grandma wasn’t answering her phone.
We weren’t elegant about it.

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Life alert sucks ass imo. I have responded to a lot of life alert alarms and not one of them emergencies. Always some person who hits the button and wonders why I’m breaking into their house.

It isn’t worth the price too

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My friend’s grandma was the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” actress.

Right, I really haven’t researched it at all. But there are similar devices.

Me too. I try to do as little damage as possible but shit is locked up tight.

All these assholes that have codes on gates etc never update their codes with dispatch too.

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There’s also the young bull/old bull dynamic. A 24 year old boot isn’t thinking about much besides get in.
It’s up to us “seasoned” types to slow their roll. There’s always a better way in than making a giant hole open to the street, lol.

The life alert requires the person to wear it. My mom refuses.

There was a business that always gave false fire alarms because the system wasn’t maintained. After a few late night calls the firemen made sure there was no fire by prying the industrial glass doors open and looking inside before calling it a false alarm. The business owner promptly fixed his fire alarm and there wasn’t another false alarm.

Oh yeah, I’ve played that game.
Retirement community mgr won’t keep his code log UTD? Take 3 doors in 12 hours and he’s suddenly motivated.

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The irony was the subject of the class was how to gain entry while causing the least damage. These guys put the silly thing in reverse

Good idea about the Apple Watch.

Turn her entire bed into a magnetic induction charger that turns on while she’s asleep. Make wearable location / health / spending bracelet monitor out of impossible to remove carbon fiber with 5g capability that has an open API so it can be programmed remotely to talk to her, remind her of things, etc etc.

Boom. Million dollar idea.

That idea is already patented and is being rolled out in China already