anyone have Arroyo vs Brown I?

fightfinder told me that Brown won by TKO in round 2. I havent seen or heard anything about it.

how did it go down? they are fighting again on the TUF finale and would love to see the fight




i think i can get a copy?


I will give you a quick run down on how that fight came for the fight itself, the only video of the fight was shown on TV if you lived in the Tampa area.  The DVD released from the show only had about 10 second of clips from the fight.

So, I had sent Matt to corner a fighter that was going to fight in the RFC in Tampa.  Once he was at weigh-ins, the promoter was asking around to see if anyone would take a fight on "short notice" (little under 20 hours) to fight Arroyo, as his opponent was not there for what ever reason.
Being that Matt is never one to turn down the chance to fight (or make some extra money) he jumped at the fight.  He agreed to fight Arroyo at a catch weight of 180lbs...even though he had not be training regularly, since he had just won 2 weeks before. He did not even have a cup, mouth piece, fight shorts, gloves, much less a corner man!
Matt did not know ONE THING about Arroyo, other than what he was told be the promoter (Arroyo was a very skilled grappler).
Matt calls me (his manager/team mate) and asks me what i know about Arroyo... and before I could even get back...he informs me that he has already accepted the fight!
Fast-forward 24 hours... Matt dominates the fight from the bell!  Arroyo was not able to get Brown to the ground, and spent allot of energy to trying to do so.  Early in the 2nd, he was able to get Arroyo next to the cage and ground him out.
Like i said, I don’t believe the full fight was ever released, and I am not sure if the RFC ever showed the full fight.
I know what Matt has been preparing for, and who he has been training with. The first time these two fought, Arroyo had been training for a fight, mentally was prepared to fight, and was the better wrestler.  Matt on the other hand did not even have a mouth piece! This time, Matt Brown will have had the best training camp of his career, training with some of the best guys to prepare him for this fight.  I know Arroyo will come out prepared, and I am sure it will be an exciting fight!
TTT for my boy "The Immortal" Matt Brown

Thanks. I may change my mmaplayground pick now.


You were going to pick aginst "The Immortal"!

You best change that pick :-)

lolrampagebyslamKO...thats why I asked

thanks for the info gzbull. very helpful


arroyo subs him rd 1 or 2 this time around.

 I guess we will see...

the real questions is how is Arroyo going to get Brown to the ground???

IMO, there is no way Arroyo is going to stand with he is going to have to find away to engage Brown without get hurt while in the clinch or getting cought on the way in!

That said, this is a different fight altogether.  Arroyo knows that and will be well prepared for Brown this time.

It will be a fun one to watch!!!


I like both fighters, but I do think Arroyo will win this one.