Anyone have bells palsy?

And if so, how do you treat it? I'm thinking my brother has it just by looking it up online and comparing symptoms. He's going to the doctors tomorrow so we'll know for sure but just was wondering if anyone has been through it before?

You're sure he isn't having a stroke?

Typically prednisone and acyclovir .

any exposure to ticks?  Lyme disease can cause it.

Any red flags for a stroke ?  Often can look like bells but with other associated symptoms.

Do 15 year olds have strokes? I don't even know the signs, which probably makes me look like an idiot. But I don't think it's a stroke, he doesn't have a problem speaking, no real numbness. But when he smiles, one side of his face moves more than the other, when he flares his nostrils only one side flares and he says his eye gets a very dry feeling. When I looked it up, it matched bells palsy symptoms

Are there any 18th century poltergeists nearby?