Anyone have Cage Panel Specs?

I'm looking for 10 and 20 foot cage panel specs. I'm gonna build it with my students who owns multiple construction companies but would prefer we had the proper specs for building a safe cage panel. Does anyone have these? I mean we can wing it from pictures and looking at other cages and stuff but I figured I'd better ask the all knowing, infinitely wise collective UG first. Thanks guys!

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He is our local (UG) cage builder

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Unfortunately Johnny Ringo, you aren't going to get GOOD specs from anyone that builds these due to insurance reasons. That's why no one sells blueprints for legit designs.

Honestly, by the time you get the steel, padding, vinyl, corner pads you would have been cheaper to just buy the panels than to try to buy the materials to do it as the padding, corner pads and vinyl aren't cheap. Steel you may have a hook up on being in construction as well as possibly fencing, still isn't cheap.

As always, be careful copying anyone else's designs as quite a few companies consider their designs intellectual property and will treat it as such. I have recently heard of a couple more starting to ramp that up a bit.

Personlly I make money whether I build the cage or sell the vinyl/padding/corner pads so I don't care if you build your own or not, I know you'll need the other supplies. Those things I am happy to help with as well. What many have seen though is it is cheaper and easier to have them made than to try to build them yourself and still get all of the extras and have it done CORRECTLY.

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Thank you DS! I appreciate all your honesty and insight. I agree, most important is getting it done correctly and safely. I checked out your site, it's nice and you do very good work! I'm gonna talk with my brother and you will probably hear from us shortly. Thank you again so much. Phone Post

Always happy to help man. Also, don't forget, MAKE SURE YOU TELL ME YOU ARE FROM THE UG. This gets you a discount.

Remember...We can custom size any panel as well and have helped a few design their gym layouts etc...always happy to help and it is a free service to any customer.