I am looking to have a capoeira demonstration at my next event. If anyone has any contact info for Capoeiristas, I would really appreciate you either posting it on this thread or having them email me at! If someone gets a group thats reasonable and I use, I will allow he or she to enter the event for FREE!!!

i know the guys with Bola's crew down town..

hook it up! Tell them it will give them lots of exposure and free advertising!

I once saw "Only the Strong"

hope that helps!


rick, just to let you know, Bola's group is the same group that I gave you contact for last time...

Rick, there's people at McMaster. Try the Ivor Wynn centre in the wrestling room after wrestling practice. There's a bunch of rotties doing it.


I was about to say the same thing :) i saw ONLY THE STRONG and know the words in the song they sing in the movie.