Anyone have clay guida gif?

Clay still gets no respect. one of the most exciting fighters that didn't even make the live

Here you go.

glad to see him win. he deserves it

I was bored, so I made you guys a Gamburyan gif as well. Both of these fights are excellent.

thanks for the gifs

No probs guys. Manny looked fantastic in his fight. The guy is a threat to anyone at 155 imo. No joke.

thanks EM.

any chance of a maximus one?

One of the best fighters' to watch in the UFC.

And a helluva cool guy.

Congrats Clay!

good job EM, I like em

thanks!!! we can always count on you!!!!!!

ttt for the maximus gif..thanks em

We could have seen this fight if it wasn't for Edgar vs Maynard! Thanks for the gif though.

"ttt for the maximus gif.."

"getting on the live card for last night's show was pretty tough, crazy card. Clay is one of my favorites too though, sort of sucks for him. Really wish he had finished Huerta when he landed the punch on hi crouching...."

True, but Guida was listed 9th on the card. He should have been closer to the top. He beat Aurelio last August and was still listed below him. Way to go Guida! Nice way to finish the fight.

Oh my God, that armbar is ridiculous.

I've never seen Marcus that aggressive. Nice.

wow...nice EM. thank you.

Old noob - Oh my God, that armbar is ridiculous.

Yeah, that is the epitome of reading. Just paying attention to the moment and adapting to what comes.

That armbar officially raises him to ninja status in my book.