anyone have directv internet?

60 a month for UPTO 500kbps download isn't impressive.


everyone I've heard talk about it says they HATE HATE HATE it.

pretty much no satellite is good for gaming, which I doubt is an issue for you.

go check Slashdot for a thread on DirectWay by CmdrTaco and some recommendations of alternative service providers....

it's for my friend's biz.

he'll only have 4 computers hooked up to it and will probably use the net, maybe, 3 hours a day. total.

can't get dsl and it doesn't look like he can't get broadband either, but he has a directv dish at his house. feels that this is the only way to get away from 19200kps.


there are other satellite providers out there dude.

the thread on Slashdot shows them.

yea, but's he already has the dish.

business connections for the net suck dick. cannot believe that i can get a 3mbps for 42.95 through broadband. biz gets shafted with slower connections for much more.


yes, but you'll also get higher uplink speeds in case you have to serve something.

It sucks, Mostly because you have to upload through a regular phone line but it's better than dial-up. Use only as a last resort...

he needs to move his office.