Anyone have fighter figurines...

Has anyone bought the fighter figurines from Pride's website?! Or just ordered anything from that site...please do tell!

i have a vanderlei silva and rampage jackson, signed by rampage jackson

Thanks for the info...I think I just might order some of those dolls...


I have always wanted the "Rampage" action figure of him holding up the yellow card.How much did it cost you after shipping?

I heard that shipping from Japan is close to $40.00 bucks.

Holy shit...40 bucks for shipping?!?

*having second thoughts...*

Damnit...I want Silva!!! I got to get Sak tho...

they just made a new Silva, Crocop, and Herring figure too

go to the japanese pride site, they have them, they are sick, i love toys and figures and i want the whole collection but unfortunately like some poeple said, they are a fortune especially since they are overseas., click on japanese

I wish the UFC made these.

oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, i need those

Jacob Lamb is correct.

I'm surprised a Minotauro figure hasn't been made yet (As far as I know).

Some of the K-1 figures are nice as well.....The Greco, Bonjasky, and Sefo figures are sweet. So is the Bob Sapp figure, but I can't remember if that's on the Pride or K-1 site....K-1's LeBanner figure is disappointing, though.

The detailing on the figures is impressive.....I would also like to see figures like these made of boxers. Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Benitez, Ali, Tyson, Lewis, etc....

where do they have the K-1 figures?


I think the Japanese K-1 site has all the ones that are available:

The Abidi figurine looks pretty cool, but I don't really care for Abidi so I didn't mention him.......And it looks like they might make K-1 Max figurines in the future, as there's a picture of a Masato figurine but it doesn't look like it's for sale yet.

The Bob Sapp figuring is available at the Japanese K-1 site.

I could've sworn K-1 used to have a figurine of Andy Hug, but I didn't see it anywhere on the Japanese site.......I think they should make figurines of Carter Williams & Mike McDonald, both would look pretty cool due to their physiques.

The K-1 USA website had around 2-4 figures (The only one I remember for sure being available was Hoost), but apparently they don't have figurines available for sale anymore. The url is just in case you want to look at the site itself.

oh man i just saw the K-1 figures on that website those are sick

any idea how much they are or how i can purchase them?


Not too sure, I went the easy route and had a friend in Japan order for me.

Usually the currency conversion from yen to US dollar is decreasing the Japanese price by a hundredth (ie, if it's 4,000 yen, it's $40)....I wouldn't know how much shipping is.

I'd just send the Japanese K-1 site an e-mail asking about shipping and all that, and if they don't respond within a week see if you can get someone who can read Japanese to help you find out.

Superfly Snuka,

Is there any way at all you can give us the US website?

I would buy every single one of them.


I'm looking at the site and this is the actual K-1 online shopping site:

just put go to AltaVista and do the translator, should make it easier to order.

But I noticed they seem to be really expensive. Greco & Sefo are $47 (Although you should do an official yen to dollar conversion to be sure of the currency transfer), and for whatever reason Stefan Leko's figurine is $68....The Sapp figurine is around $37.

You would have to wonder if you can find them cheaper elsewhere.