Anyone have friends not into MMA?

Im way past the point of trying to get people into the sport but it still makes me scratch my head. Taste is subjective but i think the average man should have a basic interest in combat sports. We live in a society where a dorky golf player is a houehold name where as most americans cant name a boxing champion.

Some people think the average man should also have a basic interest in jazz or politics and shit too...

doesn't bug me, they could like it or not, i don't care.
they know i love it, some are open to it and some aren't...
meh, what ya gonna do

Fighting is human nature and something every man thinks about. Is there something wrong with our generation where combat sports receive little attention?

Most my close friemds are'nt inti MMA

Alot of my friends "don't like to watch sweaty guys roll around with each other."

^ same as mikey

All of them pretty much it can get frustrating.

Forget about the ground excuse because they dont even like boxing/muay thai/stand up at all.

most of my friends are casual fans, a few hardcore fans.


my ONLY friends really into mma are you guys!!!!

all my close friends are into football, gambling drinking and chicks!

i love both groups!

I have absolutely no close friends who are into MMA...

all I have is the ug...(sniff)...

New years eve is a lonely time for me...

Haole the craft you excel at should have some baring on it. Golf is a game like pool but combat is by its nature so much more. The whole Woods thing was hard for me to grasp being working class not to mention the irony the shock of a black man exceling at a sport. I think we live in a man-boy culture where mma is needed to snap us out of it.

I don't have a single friend who IS into mma, even casually. I show them awesome fights and they're like "yawn".

Most of my friends aren't into it, although some are really starting to take an interest. My little brother is starting to get into TUF.

Hell, even many of the guys I've trained with (Muay Thai, Judo, Boxing) aren't even into MMA, just their specific sports.

"We live in a society where a dorky golf player is a houehold name"

So are guys who pretend to be other people on movie screens.

same here. no friends that like mma. they get all whipped up for shit like basketball and college football, but big mma events, shown fo' free at my house, and they've got better things to do. to each his own, i guess.

personally, i don't see how you can fail to be moved by fighting sports, because they have every bit the drama and action, and more, as any other sport, but stripped down to one of its most basic forms.

"i bet i can kick your ass," is every bit the same basic, fundamental yardstick of physical ability as, "i bet i can beat you over to that rock and back," except it's actually relevant to other things- as in, who cares who's fleeter of foot when i can beat your ass?

physical domination, and the struggle for it, is some very basic, primal shit. if you don't get amped up a little when two guys are ripping their guts out for your amusement, and also so they can see what they've got deep inside, i think you may be lacking a soul. or be dead inside, whichever.

Exactly! Dahosse is correct!

most of my friends range from strong-casual to hardcore. of course, i don't have very many friends

"all are open to it and think it is cool, but most could care less if they miss an event."

Same here except for 1 that likes it more then the rest