Anyone have Verissimo tape?

Does anyone have the Verissimo Spider guard tape from
Could you please post a review or at least your opinion about it? Thanks!

I want to know too!

yeah i have it. Bolo posted a review and i purchased the tape after that review. have yet to watch it all the way through, but when i do i'll get back to you


Is it a gi tape?

wheres bolos review of it

Bolo has a bunch of tape reviews on his forum. You will find a
thread called "Tape Reviews". Lot of good info on it.

Click on the plus sign to the right of "Expert Q&As" and then click on "Moreira, Jen, Floro". I'm not sure where that thread is at the moment, though, but you could ask on Jen's forum.

It's actually in Roy Harris' Forum:Brief Reviews by Michael 'Bolo' JenI've also topped it so you can just go to the forum and see it.

Thanks Rene R! Great stuff!

I also topped it in Bolo's has all of the reviews the link
rene.r posted plus more.

Nice!Even more Reviews on the Jen/Moeira/Floro Forum!