Anyone have video of XMMA from last weekend?

Really want to see the Southworth, Williams, and Cormier fights. Anyone know of a place where I could see video of the event or at least these bouts?

I'll have 1 soon, but I'm embarrassed to show it.

My opponent wasn't really "quality" for MMA. Good Muay Thai resume tho. Apparently my original opponent pulled out due to injury.

The promoter tried to make me fight Big Jim York, who CUTS WEIGHT to make HW.

I wasn't offered any more $$, and wasn't willing to give up 40lbs for no compensation. I ended up fighting the guy I mentioned above. Tuff guy, no disrespect!! But it's MMA not Muay Thai or Kickboxing.

Cormier's fight was GREAT btw!!

ttt for Bobby and Cormier

Thanks Bobby. Will you be getting a copy of the whole show or just your fight?

I haven't really heard much about Cormier's fight... how did it go?

I'll have the whole card. Marvin EAstman fought as well.

Cormier's fight was pretty 1 sided. He fought a good striker and GIANT of a man in Lucas Browne. The guy was tough as nails, but Olympic wrestling is no joke!!

ttt for video

come on bobby, show the video

Bobby's opponent Aaron BOYES has been on the Muay Thai scene here for years. He fought from 155-185 ish in the standup game & has fought Australia & NZ's best. He's 5yrs out of the mix.

With his "strikeforce" gym having plenty of MMA fighters Aaron has had the chance for a few late notice BIG MMA fights, he also fought Hector LOMBARD (r1 Kickboxing, r2 Shooboxing, R3 MMA).

On XMMA 1 Aaron fought against a circa 200lb'r that figured himself to be a striker. Was awesome to see the little chubby Aaron wreck him.

Jim YORKE (formally v Dave HERMAN in Sengoku) Vs Bobby would have been interesting as Jim is a good size HW.

Appart from EASTMAN all the foreigners had R1 wins.

Hope you enjoyed your time here in AUS Bobby.