Anyone have video of........

Tito vs. Chuck? I'm deployed to Baghdad and missed like 3 UFC's this past year. Can anyone help out a soldier?

TTT. Somebody help this guy out.


Its over at Ironlife right now. Look in the Highlight videos section of the forums.

If you are a soldier in the army fighting for my freedom then just give me an address and I will copy it and mail it to you.


lol at not believing he is a soldier, why the fuck would he make that shit up?


TTT for Frankie Muniz

LOL at handsofstone cautiously handing over the url

Hay whats up where were you i was at camp dohha most of my off time and then in bagdad for a few months.
my brother sent me most of the fights and the platoon would have fight night to watch them.cant live without the mma!