Anyone have weathertech floor liners?

I'm filthy and was thinking about getting these. Its about $300 to do the front and back seat and the cargo tray of my car. Anyone used these? Thanks! Phone Post 3.0

Laterally the best Phone Post 3.0


Just ordered them, very excited Phone Post 3.0

Great investment. Pricey but worth it. Phone Post 3.0

Just cleaned mine and put them back in.  A most if you live in snowy weather.  Fucking salt and shit ruin your carpets.

Yup. Got them for my wifes Jeep. Worth every Dime! Although my kids still manage to get food and garbage underneath them.. Nothing stops little kids.. Phone Post 3.0

Bought a couple months ago because my family can't help but spill shit constantly. Phone Post 3.0

The best floor liners! Phone Post 3.0

If you have a jeep just get the quedratec ones just as good and cheaper Phone Post 3.0

If you have a nice car you're planning on keeping they are worth it. If not get cheap ones. They expensive Phone Post 3.0

Do it. Love em. Phone Post 3.0

I will buy them for every car I own. They are great. Last forever. Phone Post 3.0

Lux Fixxins - Got em in my jeep Phone Post 3.0
This, and saved my carpets from more than a few beers. Phone Post 3.0

Front and rear in my F150 Supercrew. Definitely a good investment. Phone Post 3.0

And they're made in America. Phone Post 3.0

I work at an aftermarket truck/jeep accessory company and we sell the shit out of Weathertech.
They've definitely built a good brand for themselves over recent years due to advertising, but it really is a great product too.
Some others to consider if the Weathertechs are a little too pricy for you would be the Husky Liner Xact Contours, or even Husky Liner Classics. Rugged Ridge make some heavy duty ones that the offroad and diesel crowds tend to like. Phone Post 3.0

I'd go with husky

My brother has them and I like them a lot more then mine Phone Post 3.0

bjjkwong - I'd go with husky

My brother has them and I like them a lot more then mine Phone Post 3.0
But it's pretty much just preference bro Phone Post 3.0

I have the husky liners. I like them a lot. They seem to cover more of the floor than the weather techs for my particular car, but YMMV