Anyone have Xbox Live?

Just wondering. I might get it.

i have it as well, i play mechassault and crismson skies online.

Gettin it for Xmas.

Got it.
Get it!

Got it! Its wild! Lets play!

Alright I'm getting Xbox Live then.

Jason I don't have a PC that could run a FPS game. All I have is this laptop from work. Sorry.

I own a PS2 and i'm alone to play with it :(

I'm looking to buy a modded xbox in Toronto, does anyone know of a place?

Is there a monthly fee for xbox live? Or do you just need to have Highspeed internet (like ps2)?

Mark you have to have high speed Internet and then you buy a pass for a year from your local Future Shop or whatever.

How much is the pass (approx)?

i have it but compared to a PC it ain't much....

Mark a started kit is $99.99(headset and 1 year subscription) and then every year subscription is $79.99 I think.

Nothing will beat gaming on a pc if you have the right hardware but the xbox is the next best thing for sure.

gabora is very correct

I tried Splinter Cell on my new video card and it BLOWS the xbox version out of the water. Pc's allow for much higher resolutions when gaming. For example a standard tv allows for 600x480 resolution while a monitor can go much, much higher. The difference is like watching a movie on vhs and then watching the same movie on dvd using a high defintion tv.

sorry to hijack.

and the mouse...for first person shooters you can't beat a mouse...

100%. It's hard to get used to at first but then there's no going back. I'm loving my new video card right now and I couldn't have picked a better time to get hurt while training. lol.

You guys are right but the good thing about gaming machines is that is all they are built for. You don't have to fuck around. You just put the game in and play.

true that. that's the only reason a console would be better. other than that it's not even close.