Anyone have Xbox Live?

Agreed gabora.

I'll take playing games on xbox over a PC any day.
Suround sound, BIG screen, no crashing, don't have to sit close, can sit on the couch with my feet up etc...

who plays counter-strike 1.6?

Anis is that for the PC or Xbox version?

My bro has it. I'll borrow it from him and keeeeel yo azzz!

jason, i've got it but with 56k dialup forget it. i'm not even going to try. anyway, i just got the computer privileges back from ole wifey and need to upgrade my graphics card. oh and did i mention my dog ate my mouse. lol

lots of excuses eh. lol ;-)


Anis shoot me an e-mail at

X-Box Live Rainbow 6 #3 is by far the best first person shooter on any system. It Rocks!!!

Yeah Scott, that is a good game. I have it for my pc though.

Pc gamers with decent hardware should go out and get Call Of Duty. That's the best 1st person shooter I've played to date.

gabora what forces can you use in the game? Russian, American, Brits? That commercial looks slick.

You have to use all 3 and you get to do actual missions from their perspective. The russian mission, which is the last one, is sick. If you've got a decent rig it's a hell of a game. The sound is really good on it as well and it makes you feel more involved then the other ww2 shooters. It's a lot like the Medal of Honor series (made by some of the same guys) just tweaked to look and run a little better.

Excellent game. I've played Halo on the pc and it's not as good as the xbox version unless you have the mother of all computers. That's the way ports generally turn out anyways.

Mental i have it for pc counter strike that is.But am geting an XBOX soon.

Let me know when you get the Xbox Anis. Could you shoot me off an e-mail in the mean time please I have a question to ask you.

you got mail