Anyone hear the F*** you during post interview?


Hahahaha yep

I caught it too lol

lmfao yeah


BT sports immediately posted an apology for the well placed "fuck you!"

100% deserved it

That was wonderful, and I agree. 

Haha, I heard it.

What a joke

Haha that's what I was thinking too I paid 50 dollars for this shit! Fuck you dana haha

I heard it and it was deserved. Jermaine is a dirty, unlikable fighter.

ThePundidiot -

Missed it. Who/what/why

During post fight interview someone yelled fuck you.

They said it multiple times. When Germaine was putting her shirt on I swear I heard fuck you Dana 

he was the real winner

Bt sports on my phone posted an apology. Lol. Wonder who it was

Move of the Fight

Fuck her

Heard it LOUD and Clear! Too funny


they must have been upset with the decision

That was funny