anyone heard from Alex Steibling?

I graduated high school with Alex and was just wondering if anyone has heard any updates. Last I heard he beat Diesel Riggs via triangle choke while being beaten up pretty badly. Anyone know what he's up to now?

he's lost his last three fights, two in WEC and one in Korea.

You know I was just going to ask the same thing.

Thanks guys. Alex is a great guy....he's always been pretty crazy and athletic so I wasn't too surprised that he was so successful at the beginning of his career. It's a shame to hear that he's fallen off. Anyone know if he has any upcoming fights?

TTT for any info on up coming fights for Alex...I always enjoyed watching him fight in Pride and other bad about his recent luck...I sincerely hope he turns it around


Saw him a couple of weeks ago bouncing in a bar in Salt Lake. Before that
at a local grappling tourney where he did quite well.

When I saw him fight Ismail I honestly thought he was the next best thing... then he fought A. Silva. :(

I've tried to get in touch with that dude forever. If anyone has any contact info I know of a few promoters that want him on their fight cards. Please email me.

Some of my old friends from high school still keep in touch with him so I'll try to get that contact info for you.

Jeremy Bolt and Chris Lytle both speak to him regularly. He hasn't been training or fighting for some time.

Alex is a beast!!!!!!

We're hoping to bring him in for a show in Indy.