Anyone heard of Chris Ebert???

I recently heard their is another BJJ Blackbelt in Tennessee. I'm not 100% he's legit, anyone ever here of Chris Ebert in Crossville, TN. (Crossville Martial Arts)




Don't see him listed on Do you know under whom he got his BB?

I'm new to the forum and I know the guy you are talking about. I go to TN Tech in Cookeville and was looking for a BJJ school. I saw where Crossville Martials Arts had Jiu-Jitsu so I called up to find out about the program. The guy who answers the phone is a dumb as_. Anyway I went up to watch a class about a month ago and it was all stand up with throws and wrist locks. I ask the instructor (Ebert) if he taught BJJ and he said no that I would have to go to Knoxville or Nashville to learn BJJ. He taught some old classical stand-up style with no grappling. He was a very cool guy and very humble. Do you know any BJJ schools in the area?

We have BJJ here in Cookeville. Our original instructor is a 4 stripe purple belt under Pedro Sauer, he has since gone to Chat. TN, and our instructor now has around 8 years of grappling experience and he is a 3 stripe blue. We get excellent instruction and have alot of good guys. We are located at Williamson School of Karate (we use is space) behind Able Gardens, or across from Arby's. Class is on Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 and Saturday at 10:00. Come check it out, I promise you will not get any McDojo garbage

Shogun - I don't have any affiliation with him (I live in Atlanta) but Alan (the instructor NLHBJJ is speaking of I think) is super technical and an extremely nice guy. You can't go wrong learning from him. Also if you ever have the chance to make it to Chattanooga, you shouldn't pass up the chance to learn from Mickey Swafford - trust me you will be impressed.


Your in luck there is a great GJJ school in Cookeville. Email me at for more information. And thanks for the info.


For some links to Tennessee instructors and schools:

If you know of some instructors that should be on the list but aren't, e-mail the webmaster to get them listed.


I have emailed the webmaster of many times, for some reason they don't seem interested in listing my school.


those guys suck, we REALLY need to get together and create a link (maybe a part of this forum - Kirik?)that lists schools with at least purple belts and above. is very unreliable. I have friends that are brown belts and still listed as blues. I have other friends who have to jump through hoops for years to get listed while others get listed the day after they are promoted (the same instructor is promoting each).

my sons are both three stripe purples. One is listed. The other is not. I have emailed them several times.