Anyone heard of John Dench

A freind of mine said he is teaching BJJ in Ontario.

Can anyone help me out, What is his Rank and location.


ttt for Supadave

Never heard of him. Good luck finding him.

Hey!! Superdave!!!!!!!! Tim from CFG,,now in Toronto!

I can tell you that 'John Denver' was folk music sensation! ...*crickets*... "hello? is thing on?"..

Hey Tim "the Jet"!!

Never heard of him on T.O.

Hey Tim, How are ya? How goes the training?

Supadave!!!Things are doin' fine! I'm back home in Toronto,where' i'm originally from. After i left Vancouver,,i moved to the middle east for a year(pre-9/11) then finally came home,,not before driving through L.A. and san diego and trained with roy harris and eric paulson. Back home ,,i'm training with Makoto Kabayama. He's Vunak's main man on this side of Canada. Great teacher,and he's got some tough students here. If you wanna see some cool pics from my recent travels in the mid east,,check the pics out

Take care buddy!!! Tim

p.s....let's forget that "jet" business,,i never did like nick names!

Hey Dave,

So how's it going?