Anyone heard of Ron Beer?

I picked up a couple of his grappling instructional books and I haven't seen some of the techniques before. He trains guys in Markham. Supposedly he is a very experienced wrestling coach and pioneered shootwrestling Canada.

Just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with him. Thanks


I remember the last time somebody asked this question....let's say the 'discussion' got a bit ugly. The best thing is to go meet him yourself and form your own opinion.

Here we go again

Ron Beer is most commonly known for being tied up in Loaf's basement.

Yeah, the consensus of experienced grapplers is that the guy isn't very good. As for the Shoot Wrestling, he simply copyrighted the name, Sled Dog, who is an authority on shootwrestling, said something to the affect that his copyright is his only claim to shoot wrestling. Naughty Gorilla will be here shortly to defend him. I have spoken to several of his former students, and they all say that he is a nice guy.

stop it.

think of the children...

ron beer...we won't go there...


How big is Loaf's basement anyway? He seems to have a lot of people down there. No wonder he had to open his own school.

The basement is actually quite small - it's Loaf's handiness with rope that helps pack people in for "marinating."

leave it to me to bring up something no one seems to be comfortable touching on. Oh well, I guesse I should go train with him myself

does he still roll?

Do his students compete?!

What's with the mysterious responses!?!?

Comon now, you can't just tease me like this?! Out with it

I'd rather talk about the mysterious basement of Loaf...


Pigdog: I've never trained with Mr. Beer, so I can't comment on him. His reputation, however, leaves something to be desired. The people on this forum are just trying to be diplomatic.

I have trained (once) with one of his students and asked about Ron's school. The responses basically confirmed for me what I'd suspected about the place (based on the reputation). The guy I trained with wasn't very skilled either. He was a nice guy though.

In the end, you have to check it out for yourself and see if YOU like it. I would also recommend checking out some other schools for comparison.


Cool, thanks man.


Last time his name came up, there were numerous issues regarding the situation. Many parties (myself included) wasted alot of time discussing this very scenario.

I'll let the rest of the forum answer it for you, as my info may be too biased as my experience with Mr.Beer, historically, over a lengthy period of time, has not been a pleasant one.

He was my 'first' instructor in this the above posts to figure out everything else.

nuff said, lets let this thread sink

kashk, I'll email you soon my friend


What happens in Loaf's basement, stays in Loaf's basement