anyone heard of tim ferriss?

he's from my hometown, and according to his website he's some sort of MMA champ.

im looking at him right now....

Yeah, Tim is a good friend. He's the inventor/marketer behind Brainquicken/Bodyquicken so he's been around for awhile.

Not sure about MMA champ, but he is a champ in San Shou I believe and is currently training at AKA.

He just released a book called the four hour work week, which I think broke the top 10 in Amazon already.


if you see him any time soon, let him know kristy wood was asking about him. they dated when he was in 8th grade.

I was expecting to come on here and find people attacking him mercilessly for not being a "real" MMA champion -- since that seems like the kind of thing one should expect on the Underground.

So, what is his fight history? He's a former wrestler, and he's competed in San Shou, right?

i can tell you this: my friend kristy was a senior in high school when he was in 8th grade. real MMA champion or fake, that's got to be indicative of some serious skillz.

i went to college with tim and have known him for a while.

good guy. great ambition. definitely legitimate skills. trains with dave camarillo now, i think. did a bunch of sanshou. wrestled in high school, judo black belt, and a bunch of other stuff.

dude was also the first american to compete at the tango world championships for argentina.


haven't seen tim's website, but if something's on there, i'm sure it's true. guy's not one to lie about his background.

-Donald Park

If you look at the website for his new book -- which sounds fascinating, by the way -- it doesn't exactly scream "credible":

It's very "infomercial".