Anyone here do yoga or tai chi..?

im currently in a spirtual crisis. Everytime i get in one it takes months to get out of it. Then just 2 months after of being in the clear it strikes again. Im currently doing alot of research on buddhism (i really like the idea of clearing ones mind, i think that would be beneficial especially for me). So i was wondering if yoga or tai chi would help out in anything and if anyone here did either. If so what are your experiences with them... did they make you feel any different or were you just doing meaningless physical movements?

the real reason i ask is because i want to put my mind at rest. The calmness of mind and meditiation in buddhism intriques me. Im really striving to have a mind like that of a still calm ocean, right now its that of a ocean in hurricane season.


The purpose of meditation is not to manipulate your mind or oppress/suppress it's operations.

Don't get sucked into the sea of "mind clearing", Buddhist meds or Taoist meds, Tai Chi or Yoga, Chakras, Siddhis, Prana/Qi or Samadhi.

The ultimate reason for meditation is to let the "sediment" settle for a few moments to get a glimpse of reality before it gets whisked away.

Within this cycle, your moments of clarity will get larger and larger. The reality that you will get glimpses of is that you NEED TO DO NOTHING.

Getting to know yourself is FAR more important than getting good at a mediation to become the Überyogi.

Stop looking outside, and start looking "within".

"They" don't have the answers. You do. Do not quell your individuality, creativity, and self-efficiency, but following, but rather lead.

"the real reason i ask is because i want to put my mind at rest. "

Your mind is intrinsicaly at rest. If it is not, it is because YOU KEEP GETTING IN THE WAY!!!! Get out of your way! If you have a mason jar and put some sediment/dirt in it and shake it up, it will always be cloudy.

Leave it alone and the sediment will settle and allow clarity.

Stop shaking the jar & realize that you need do nothing.

All the best,

well either you can do what Joe said, or..

..just try some Yoga. :)

I´ve done it for many many years and it´s a really nice way to relax and find mental balance.

Future I practice Tai Chi. From my practice perhaps the greatest benefit I've had is becoming alot more patient with myself and others. Unfortunately there arent many good teachers around, email me and maybe I can help recommend someone in your area.

I'm taking yoga and I love it. It making my life better in so many ways. I just decided to start studying more seriously in september, and I finally stopped drinking right before Christmas, after 7 years of going pretty hard. It was my decision, but it was facilitated greatly by the yoga. Not only the relaxation techniques, but the philosphy as well. I recommend it to everybody.

brassmonk - my emails not letting me log in for w.e reason right now but my email is I live in brampton (around toronto) Canada. SO it may be even harder for you to give advice because im not in the states.

ausge - your post is confussing i do not know how to meditiate is there any resources out there which explain it better. You say don't fall into the trap or buddhist and taoist meds... i read in your profile somehting about Krishnamurti is that your religion? I am not familiar with this mans beliefs.

p.s i always thought yoga and tai chi were very similar until now... is yoga hindu and tai chi buddhist? If so is it not against your religion fudu to be practicing a art from another?

I´m not a Buddhist or connected to any religion actually, the stuff in my profile is just for fun.


There is no better of a resource than a living, breathing person. K is someone I admire and has nothing to do with religion ;-).

Vehicles like Yoga and Tai Chi have their benefits for many individuals, but in some cases they can worsen things.

Some will reap benefits, and others will get lost in the "powers" they will get, chakras, ESP, etc. and never do anything practical with the material.

As far as "is yoga hindu and tai chi buddhist", it can be said that Yoga is Hindu and Tai Chi is Chinese, however it wold be more accurate to say that they are "human".

All the best,

Aus - so would you suggest meditation, yoga or tai chi to a person like myself? Your posts are a little unclear and confussing to me.

What is your religion? Also, do youpractice yoga, or meditiation yourself? (just curious im new to this thread and dont know much)

p.s for any ex christians... how did you learn about meditation or buddhism? In my area there is not alot of resources for such a thing

Aus is correct.

Meditation has no real "purpose" and it's very easy to get wrapped up in all the neat things that are promised if you only follow the latest guru's teachings.

If you are looking for a method to end your spiritual depression, I'd suggest following the Buddha's life and find out WHO is suffering (this is what Aus means when he says it's more important to find out who you are). It's easy to get sucked into the "my life sucks" mentality and we can spend the rest of our lives trying to stop life from being shitty or taking refuge in promises of a perfect "afterlife".

Cut to the root of the problem and inquire into WHO, exactly, is suffering. The obvious answer is "well, Scrapper, I am suffering! Duh!" but what is that "me" that is suffering?

Question all you believe to be true about yourself. ;)


scrapp - ive done a little more reading on buddhism now and everywhere it says that meditation is extremly important part of buddhism?

Also, you mention buddhism will help to end my spirtual depression... what about taoism, jainism and confucism? I don't know much about them but i know some of my asian friends belong to those and that buddhism has alot in common with hinduism (i even read a essay that said christianity and buddhism are just branches of hinduism). I was always told most eastern religions are built on mythical creaturs and tales. Is this the case in buddhism? Like it is in shinto.

Sorry for so many questions... these last 2 years have been hectic. All ive been thinking about is god, religion and spirituality. Theres so many different faiths and religions i can't see staright... hinduism, judaism,
zoroastrianism, buddhism, shinto, confucianism, jainism, taoism, christianity,islam and sikkhism :S

not related to my question but thought id add it anyways - the bahai fiath is really interesting (it is one that would solve alot of wars) it claims god has sent 9 different prohpets throughout time for different purposes and different societes that hold different values. Some of the prophets include that of jesus christ, buddha, moses, and muhammad.

I would suggest that you narrow your scope instead of spreading yourself thin.

While it is very open-minded of you to go in so many direction (heck, it's pretty rare!!!), there is a time when you have to plant your feet on the ground on one topic and dig in until it's "resolved".

What Scrap and I are suggesting is that you should stop looking in all these external places and start the ALL-IMPORTANT process of learning more about yourself.

"Who am I?" is SO much more important than what all those schools of thought think. I am not suggesting you stop reading about them, just don't place more weight on their thoughts than on your own.

I spent YEARS doing what yo are doing now. I read everything from Satanism to Taoism to Shintoism to Paganism and so on. I basically spent 5 years of my life learning about everyone but myself.

I also got nowhere with my "gig". I increased my intellectual ability and knowledge but my own personal mess just got bigger.

It wasn't until I placed value on the question of who I am and awareness that I began to see my issues and problems w/ a clarity.

Within the clarity the issues and problems began to go away. The clarity untied the "knot" that ignorance tied. For awareness and ignorance are opposites and cannot live in the same dynamic sphere.

If you were to meditate I would suggest, one on breathing and nothing more. You will be distracted otherwise. There are many exercises in Buddhism (Zen in particular) and Taoism on breathing. I suggest the former.

As for my religion. I stand nowhere. As for whether I meditate. Yes. Yoga...kind of.

I wish you all the best,

"Meditation has no real 'purpose'"

What do you mean by this?

"Meditation has no real 'purpose'"

Well, there are two ways of looking at meditation: pshychologically and spiritually. From a psychological viewpoint, meditation has a marked positive impact on the human psyche. So if you are feeling strung out mentally, try it. I think that merely sitting in a quiet room for 30 minutes concetrating on your breathing would be a great place to start.

Spiritually, its an open question. I think that it does have a positive spiritual value, although I agree with the statements above that it doesn't really get you to nirvana or enlightenment. At least if that it what you are consciously looking for.

Enlightenment is impossible without meditation. That's why Buddhists practice it.

"Enlightenment is impossible without meditation. "

I disagree.

aus - i sort of understand what your saying but how exactly does one go about "...stop looking in all these external places and start the ALL-IMPORTANT process of learning more about yourself.

"Who am I?" is SO much more important than what all those schools of thought think. I am not suggesting you stop reading about them, just don't place more weight on their thoughts than on your own."

Also whats everyones opinion on this sites perception of meditiation.. it takes a cynical approach to it.

Just for the record this site basically was made to prove christianity as the correct religion/

If you define Meditation as sitting in half-lotus and chanting, then I totally disagree. If you mean any form of mindfullness, then I am not totally satisfied, but I'll go along with it.