Anyone here have a Cadillac XTS V-Sport?

One of the vehicles I am considering. Anyone here have one of these? This has a twin turbo 3.6L in it. In an expensive car market these are a good value from my research. Curious if anyone here has one. The CTS has this engine option but every V-Sport I saw was RWD. The XTS version is an AWD large sedan that I like.

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Go for a Lexus or a MB you will regret buying caddy in few years

Agree with everything you say, OP. Excellent value for luxury. The only question is maintenance cost over the very long term, if you’re a lt holder.

I typically won’t own something like this more than 3 years. I will buy with a warranty and private sale it before moving on to something different.

I think it’s probably a good car for you then. I had one as a rental many times and it was a very nice ride. Not a German or a Lexus, but definitely a luxury car

I’ve had an srx, 2 ats and am contemplating a blackwing soon. I have driven the base xts as a loaner and really liked it. Bigger than I like, but solid. The extra hp sounds appealing. Their cue system I really liked. I have an Infiniti q60 now, but am looking for a mid sized SUV. Prob will go alfa romeo, but am leery of their reputation. The Cadillac electric lyriq looks interesting.

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I am looking at it from a stock Lincoln MKS Ecoboost is 365/350 and one of these V-Sports are 469/358. Some minor modifications, even just a lightweight wheels and quality performance tires can probably help considerably. I don’t care about track times. I want full size comfort with some performance under $35 grand that is AWD. I refuse to look at German vehicles in that price range because they will be high mileage in my budget. A XTS Platnium V-Sport is at the top of my list due to that.