Anyone here have a Prius?

if so, how do you like it? I want to get one in the spring, but I want to speak with someone who has one.

Diesel IMO.

Cheaper and more fuel efficient than a hybrid.


I agree with Mark. Diesel cars utilize time tested technology, are durable, reliable and get great fuel mileage. And if it ever comes down to it, you can run it on vegetable oil.

I really hope the diesel passenger car market grows here in the U.S. Japanese and European manufacturers have some great stuff in the rest of the world.

Hyrbrids are only of any benefit in stop and go traffic. You also pay thousands extra for the technology. Hybrids are interesting, but not the answer, imo.

I've stopped following automotive technology closely, but I think I remember hearing about a diesel hybrid from Toyota in Japan, but I'm too lazy to google it. That would be pretty cool though.

Diesel all the way. I used to have a Fiat Stilo turbodiesel and it was a great car to drive.

Well, too late, I just ordered a 2007 Prius...I think I am going to love it.

I look foward to future diesel choices in the US. I read a recent article in one of the car magazines about a 3 series BMW available with a 3 liter inline 6 DIESEL! Talk about torque! And 40mpg!

I am getting the full rebate, that is the only way I would do it. I talked to the dealership and they have it due in by the 14th of Septemeber, a few weeks before Oct 1st.

oh, and it is a 2006, not a 2007. Same exact car though.

LOL @ a car that needs a gubment subsidy to be economically viable...

BONER EATER coming in with the dumbest statement of the day....

Do a little reseach before running your mouth.

Anyways, I paid sticker, $28,340 for a package 7 (nav, etc).

I think I only getting back 3150 and 500 from start (PA). I think some states offer more back, resulting in a total of 6000 back, but I could be wrong on that.

LOL @ you buying before you did enough research...

Nobody was talking about SUV's. Or corporate welfare. And definately not about Al Gore's enviroreligious propoganda movie.

The payback on hybrid cars is 3 to 6 years. But that's assuming gas prices stay high. And doesn't even take into account that those batteries won't last forever. Replacing them has a cost, both finacially and enviromentaly.

My point is that a diesel is better economically and finacially. The fucked up thing is that in the US, we have few choices in diesels like you mentioned. The reason why we don't have more diesel choices is because of looming fucked up EPA regulations. Yet the gubment will subsidize an inferior technology...


lol, that's a new one.

Boner Eater, are you insane?

Do me a favor, please explain to me where the Prius batteries are going to cost a ton of money to replace? It is has a warranty for 8 years, and if history is any help, I do think batteries just might be a little more cheaper than the present $3000 to replace it. Why would a battery go any sooner than an auto transmission, or a normal engine, etc? Where is your proof that the batteries go bad?

Also, did not not bother to read the link I posted directly for you? If you DID read it, you might have noticed that it takes 3 years for it to pay for itself (I personally don't care if it EVER pays for itself, I like the car) and again, if history has any say in it, gas prices will continue to rise, so that time may be even shorter.

It is just amazing how people talk about shit they have no idea about, but they read a few message boards and they become experts on something they don't even own.

Ugh, I knew there was a reason I got this car over a diesel...(even though diesel's are pretty cool)

I have not even gotten into the technology that the car has...

I did read it. It estimated 3 to 6 depeding on the model. And that's making a lot of assumptions. Maybe you should read my earlier posts and your own article.

And it is a fact that rechargable batteries wear out. And much sooner than an internal combustion engine or a transmission. This adds to the payback time period.

Again, do me a favor and send me an article proving that the batteries wear out. Until then, I think you are just guessing...

Oh, and how is math an assumption? If something takes a certain amount of gas, gas prices are a certain number, and a car cost's a certain amount, how can the pay off be an assumption? It is simple math...Please don't try to pass off that you think gas prices will drop over the long haul, we both know that is not happening!

Maybe YOU should reread the article.

PS-I am not debating that batteries wear out, just not as expensive and as soon as your speculate.

You are clueless, but Google is your friend...

Still can't come up with some proof huh? I did not think so...

I don't need to look it up, I already know the answer, you seem to be the one with the problem.

Nice try though. Next time you decide to flame, you might want to read some information on the subject.

You're right, Google is my friend!

3 year payback is EXTREMELY optimistic.

7-8years is more typical. However, with oil prices probably headed downward, it will more than likely be longer.

lol @ paying over 28 grand for a sub compact car.


Man, I am amazed at the lack of information here.

LOL at oil prices headed DOWNWARD...what planet are you on? Have you not driven in the last 5-10 years? Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't this year has seen the highest gas prices EVER? Yeah, looking good for oil on it's way DOWN.

Whatever, I got the car and I think I am going to love it.

Oh, I got it for the technology and the fact that it is good for the environment, not the gas savings. Do you want to start debating on how THAT is not correct also?

Oh Mark1, LOL @ thinking 28k is a lot for a car with the features this has and that the Prius is a sub compact. Again, do some homework guys. I guess YOU did not read the link either. If you have other information, I am all ears!

PS-Internet fighting is cool!

A diesel car burning bio diesel would have way less enviromental impact that a gas/electric hybrid when you factor in the entire life of the vehicle.

You should have talked to people other than the Toyota salesman...