Anyone Here Have Gout?

I have gout in my left ankle since Saturday.Woke up Saturday the pain was manageable. Thought I just slept in a bad position. Then Sunday morning and wham. The pain was agonizing. Couldn't sleep or let anything touch it.Felt like someone was constantly hammering my foot or trying to wrench it off. It's right up there with a toothache i think. Had to call out Monday cuz my foot swelled up and I couldn't see my left ankle bone anymore and my left foot looked like fred flintstone's square feet. Went to the ER and the doc gave me naproxen and colchicine. Was told to watch my diet, no more alcohol and exercise. I'm 42 and exercise regularly so this came out of nowhere. The pain was something else. Anyone else here have gout? How often do you get these attacks? is it more heriditary or brought on my diet, etc?

I have it but haven't had an attack in a while. Cherry extract seems to help when I have an attack. My whole family has it so I was just waiting for it to happen.

Pork was my trigger so I stayed away from it for a while and got into better shape and for now it seems to be under control. I lost some weight and took allipunol daily for a bit but for now, i think since i'm in better shape and eat healthier overall I don't take the pills.

Hurts like a sum bitch don't it.

I had it when I was 19 (its very rare for a young person to have it). After my blood test results came back positive for high uric acid levels, the Dr. gave me a list of foods to avoid, but I didn't really consume any of them regularly. At the time I was a bit of an alcoholic and I had been going through a half gallon of soco over the course of a week.

I stopped drinking soco, and the gout went away within a day or two.

I avoided soco after that for years, then 6 years later while at a friend's party, soco was all that was available, so I drank it. Boom, next day I had gout. That same severe pain in my big toe joint, it went away after 2 days. However I can eat cheese, meat, and drink anything but soco without issues. Something in soco mysteriously jacks up my uric acid levels, it's the only common denominator Im aware of in my experiences.

Likewise, I have had gout since I was a teenager. Mine progressed to being tophaceous gout, which is annoying.

Here are some important things to consider: you are either an under excreter or over producer of uric acid. It would be best to get a test to figure out which you are.

Diet is incredibly important. I have all but given up beef, and don't touch any organ meats (huge triggers). Also, drink a lot of water. Try and increase your intake by a factor of two as often as you can. The more you pee, the more uric acid gets excreted. It's a win-win.

When you do get a flare up, ice the joint (never, ever use heat). I have been on Meloxicam (anti-inflammatory) for a couple of years now, as a preventative medicine, and it works quite well (and is generic, so it's cheap). Naproxen sodium/Aleeve also work well.

Cherry anything is also very good. I find cran-cherry juice is good on both fronts (kidney health, promotes urination, and the anti-inflammatory properties of the cherries).

I really hope this helps.

I have to watch my niacin and vitamin c intake, also one u had a tooth ache went to dentist then to a specialist to see Marc was wrong, they couldn't find anything wrong, later I figured out it was a gout flare up, hope this helps Phone Post

I take a dried powdered cherries supplement every day.

This may sound strange but it works for me, when I have a flare up I elevate my feet almost straight up for 5 minuets, then sit up and put them on the floor for 5 minuets, and repeat till the pain eases.

It hurts like a SOB but it works for me.

Go to a doc and get a prescription for Uloric. I have had gout for YEARS that made me quit jits. I got on Uloric, and it finally went away. If you don't have insurance, it can be expensive though.

Gout sucks! I've had gout for about 10 years. This is what I do when feel any slight indication of gout attack coming on (big toe beginning to throb, side of ankle feeling sore). I take 5 colchicine at one time and drink lots of liquid. If it still feels the same the next day ill take 4 at one time with a lot of H20. It'll give u the runs for the day but that beats a gout attack. Phone Post

If you binge drink stop.

Brother has it. He takes a tablespoon of baking soda in water everyday and it helps a lot. He is off all scripts. Phone Post

Why do people start a thread then never come back to it?

Thanks for the info and advise fellas. been busy for the last couple of weeks. Had my uric acid level checked and was shown that it was within range of normal. doc said that it doesn't need to be high level for me to have gout. so now i just drink water like a fish and watch my pork/beef consumption. it's only been the last few days since i had the gout attack that the pain and a little discoloration (around my ankle) has gone away.

Man I hate that shit when it acts up, people just don't realize how bad the pain can be.

No shellfish, red meat, nuts or nut butter and no alcohol.
That's all I can remember right now.