Anyone here have Xfinity X1 platform?

The Comcast Xfinity X1 platform. Ive had it for a few months and I am extremely impressed. Its the first time in my life that the ridiculously priced cable/internet package is worth it. The internet/wifi is blazing fast and works awesome. The cable package came with 4 premium packaged channels and sports.

So many options and the user interface is very slick and easy on the eyes. It is integrated with the internet and Twitter. Just an all around awesome package.

How do you guys like it? Any tricks or tips that I may not be aware of? For instance, the red circle C button is a quick sports access button and puts up sports scores of your favorite teams that you set up. Not only does it tell you the score, you can easily get to the channel the game is on. Just a bunch of slick stuff like that.

I also have a chromecast, WD player with a 1TB hard drive that has over 500 movies stored on it, as well as a DVD player hooked up to a 60" HD flatscreen.

I love snow days from work because its real comfortable at home with all the entertainment. Phone Post 3.0

The point of the thread was to discuss shortcut keys and other tips I may not be aware of.

Another cool one is that you can set your preferences so that when you select a channel that has an HD version of it, the box will automatically go to that one.

Any other cool ones? Phone Post 3.0