Anyone here into Fine Arts?

The more I study and think about it, I believe that Arts in general help us to reach a state of peace and to be in touch with the universe quite like a transcendent experience.

What do you think?

Yes I am an artist, I believe the artist as shaman concept. A true artist is trying to capture more than a rendering, they are looking to convey what they see. And they are called to see deeper. In my work I believe it is a spiritual light that I am shining, that because of its lack of subject, becomes universal.

the rev

That´s great, Rev!

Do you have any work of yours at the internet?

No, but I can send you some pics if you email me

the rev

You´ve got email. :-)

By the way, I think that fine arts is more underground than martial arts.

At least in Brazil.

grove, thanks, that is great info!

Did you get my email Donna?

I sent a longer one but it didn't go through.

I liked your stuff.

the rev

Yes, I did, it just arrived when I was leaving home, so I didn´t reply.

Later. I´m going to train right now.