Anyone here niggardly?

Anyone here niggardly on a regular basis?

I can't stand niggards.

Share your wealth. Dont be miserly.

0... -1...

This is what I call shit wit.

huh huh huh shit rhymes with wit hycuk

Rick James is said to have acted "mad niggerish", which was right up Charlie Murphy's alley. . .

my mother cooks me niggardly portions of food

I too felt like sharing this info with the entire world when I first found out that it was an actual word.

Does saying toofus instead of tooth count?

You cant say that, some of my best friends are niggards!

From :

1. Grudging and petty in giving or spending.
2. Meanly small; scanty or meager: left the waiter a niggardly tip.

It's hard to use it in sentences without getting dirty looks.

bluenamer please: