Anyone Here Reload / Handload?

Just wondering how many people here Reload and/or Handload?

I reload for .45 ACP, .38special, .357 Mag., .30-06, 8mm Mauser, and .223 Rem.

I have mostly Lee Gear. It is a great hobby. It involves guns/ammo when not shooting, plus makes it slightly more affordable and more custom loads can be made.

yup, it's the only way to get the most accuracy from your rifles.

 I tinker with shotgun reloads.  The price of lead has skyrocketed though, but I guess for matched rifle and hg rounds for accuracy it's worth it.  Has that had eny affect on your reloading? 

ya, everything (especially powder) has gone up.. and your choice of powder isn't always in stock (at least here in Canada).

I stock up when I can.

that stinks that the prices are going up, but its still not as bad as store bought ammo

It costs me $6.30 per 50(because I bought materials in bulk a while ago and i can reuse brass) for 45acp the same box of 50 now is like $17 at the store

i used to but since i hardly shoot anymore i have not done any in a few years...i sold my rifle gear but i still had 2 shotgun setups.