Anyone here train with Wahoo McD?

One of the guys I work with, Chad Maiwald, was a HS state champion wrestler in Wisconsin.

He has cited some of his mentoring/training, with the legendary Chief "Wahoo" McDaniels.

I was told that the Chief was very well versed and taught "dirty" techniques that helped Chad become nearly invincible, wrestling at 145lbs, despite only weighing 119lbs.

Chad had mentioned that he did numerous clinics with Dan Gable. Oddly enough, all he wanted to do was praise McDaniels.

The only Wahoo Mcdaniels I am familiar with, was a pro-wrestler back in the 80's, when I was a kid and use to love watching that crap.

Wahoo was (he's dead now) considered one of the really tough guys in pro wrestling. Definitely a guy who cleared out som bars in his day. And he was a multi-sport athlete in high school, excelling at football and being pretty good at baseball and shotput.

But he wasn't a wrestler.

I read that Funk Sr. taught him how to wrestle, while he was still playing pro football.

He must have learned something useful, if he was able to teach the guy I know.

chief wahoo mcd...those were the days.

RIP Chief

Sometimes it'll surprise you who knows subs ect. For instance Frankie Cain (still living) who wrestled in a mask as one of the Inferno's and later as the Great Mephisto was actually a founding member of the "Toehold Club" in Columbus Ohio and worked the carnies as both a wrestler and a boxer. He scared the piss out of several well known names later by threatening to shoot on them. One case involved Mil Mascaras who actually packed up and snuck out of the arena when he learned that the 5'4" fifty something year old Cain was talking of shooting on him.

On an other occasion he and another carny wrestler, Waino Ketonen, were paid by promoter Gus Karras for argeeing to NOT shoot on Karris' boys and exposing them as non-wrestlers.

Cain called Ketonen the greatest "hooker" he ever knew and he knew Lou Thesz very well.