Anyone here use a WiFi extender in their home?

Did it make much of a difference? What is your setup?

Eero is really good. You can buy a set of three. What really made the difference was upgrading to fiber internet, which came with a new router. It’s amazing. Lastly, consider buying a Firewalla box. One time purchase and it protects everything. Other than internet, don’t pay a monthly fee for anything else. The setup above works great for self monitored home security systems too.

Yes. Added another 50ft or so of service into my back of my house and yard. Only had a problem with one area of my home due to a big brick chimney that was killing my signal into the back of my house. Just plugged it into an ac outlet, set up was easy.

I have a 5ghz tp link 2600 router. Bought one of these:

Simple, cheap and fixed the issue.

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Orbi is the best

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They are a cheap solution but not the best. You are better off using a mesh system, or if you want to turn it up to 11 use “enterprise grade” access points.

I use Ubiquiti access points. It’s over kill, but I have awesome WiFi everywhere in my house, on all my property, and a block in any direction.



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I have not had great luck with extenders. Mesh networks like Google and Orbi work amazingly well.


I use AMPLIFI mesh and it works great

I went and bought an orbi about 3 years ago… fucking night and day difference

Sounds like mesh is the way to go.


If your looking to start over and have a big place, definitely. If you have just a single area you need to amplify, an extender is an easier fix.

Reconfiguring your whole network is an entire afternoon in networking black magic and frustration.

I have the one efm posted I believe.didnt do anything at my old house which was smaller .new house is bigger with a big back lot and it works great

I don’t use a Wi-Fi extender but I do use the Linksys Velop system. It’s a mesh with 3 nodes so it’s in essence a Wi-Fi extender set up. Best thing ever - high quality signal everywhere in the house, in the backyard, and in the garage (need that to update my car).

I bought one and couldn’t get the fucker to work.

I bought an Oorbi. Or an Eero. Can’t remember because I haven’t hooked the fucker up yet.