Anyone here use PackRat/Pods/U-Pack?

Anyone here ever use one of those container moving companies?  I reserved a PackRat but also got quotes for the other two.  Pods was the most expensive and U-Packs "ReloCubes" are barely big enough to fit a small filing cabinet inside so I ended up with the 16' Pack Rat container.   It's a lot bigger than what I need and I'm going to end up with a lot of unused space but the alternative from UPack is too small.  

Any experiences with any of these companies?

I am also in need of this type of service and have been shopping around. Any info would be helpful.

Johnny Ringo - 

I am also in need of this type of service and have been shopping around. Any info would be helpful.

Well, here's how it ended up.   Pods was just expensive as hell.  Fuck them.

PackRat was a little better and they are actually willing to haggle on price but once you reach a certain number they can't go any lower.  The problem I had with them is that the smallest container they had in my area was 16' long, which doesn't even fit in my fucking parking space and with the amount of stuff I'm taking, there would have been too much space left over and my shit would have been bouncing and sliding around.

I went with U-Pack.  Their containers are small.  I think 6'(deep) x 7'(wide) x 8'(high).   So they're pretty small but if you're good at packing stuff, you can fit a lot in there and if you cram it tight enough you won't even have to worry about tie-down straps or anything like that.  You can also get them to initially drop off a second or third or however many additional containers you want so that if you can't fit all your shit in one, you can start using the other ones.   The nice thing is that they will only charge you for the ones you actually use.   Their travel time to the new destination is also a couple of days faster than packrat.  

If I end up using only one container, I'll save over $1K from the packrat price.  If I have to use a second one, it'll be the same price as the packrat 16' behemoth so either way, I'll either come out ahead or at the same price.  And if needed, I can actually fit both small containers in my parking space so I won't have to take up one of the guest spaces and risk the ire of the condo association.  

How far are you moving and what is the cost?

Macallan12 - How far are you moving and what is the cost?

FL to SoCal.   U-Pack with 1 container $1950.   Packrat with their monster container (good for a small to moderate size house, but I just have a small condo and won't be taking any furniture) $3000.

I had to do some serious haggling to get those prices.  Their initial quotes were about $1K higher.  

That's actually pretty good. Nice.