Anyone homestead/have lots of land in washington?

I am interested in sharecropping, renting, or purchasing land in Washington to homestead. Is there anyone out there doing this already?

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what happened to your plans?

We have pretty big financial backer if we wait until the spring, much larger than we would have if we just went down now. So we are looking for a piece of land to get started on out here, I have to get it up and running by may, steph is going to take a travel assignment, which pays a ton and covers food and board(nurse). I am going to use the time, and all of my video equipment to film videos on primitive hunting, survival, and mergers of new world & old world homesteading techniques.

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try these sites

they are usually shorter time frames, but you might fins someone interested in your project that may be williping to help

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Awsome!! I wish you success and happiness in your new venture... Great place to live off the land... Great fishing/crabbing/claming/mussels (Ciopino time), hunting, foraging , mushroom hunting... I love the Pacific Northwest,,,, going up to a buddy's in OR in a few weeks, can't wait... Gunna hoop net for crab, slay sum salmon, find some chantrelles and stuff my face!! The colors of the trees up there are unreal right now...every shade of red, yellow, green... So Stoney! Phone Post 3.0