Anyone in better shape/health post covid era

I’m with you choad, too much social drinking was ruining my health - I quit at 54 (which means a few months now) - best decision ever

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Nope. My sleep schedule and work schedule have been erratic since working from home. I exercised a lot more when I was locked into the 9-5 schedule and would exercise after work. Now I find myself taking too long breaks during the day and having to finish up my work later at night and skipping the exercise.

I remember a few years back someone was interviewing Eric Davis (one of my all-time favorite players) and they asked him how he stays in such great shape at his age. He says “the trick is to never get out of shape.”

It would have been easy to slack during lockdowns, but I always thought about that quote. So, long-winded way of saying, I stayed the same.


Yeah, same here, as far as the functional drunk thing goes. I turned 50 last year.

The biggest things that drove me to experiment with quitting were 1) I can’t handle hangovers like I used to. 2) I’ve noticed occasionally my hands shaking, 3) I started to finally notice how shitty some of my behavior is when drinking.

It being so socially acceptable makes it hard to quit. People sometimes treat you like a leper when you tell them you aren’t drinking.

Same. Was told long ago to never miss a work out two days in a row. Decided to live by it.

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Give it a year. 20lbs off, feeling great.

Two years, 30 pounds lighter, physically normal for first time in maybe 30 yrs.

Coming up on 4 this Thanksgiving. I’m 45lbs lighter (6’ 170) and survived 25 rounds light Muay Thai Friday night.

Covid did light a fire though. It had already started a few yrs prior, but I completely live fight or flight now. I’m go go go now.

Put on 30 lbs about half fat and half muscle. So I’m stronger but not leaner.

Similar for me. I went back to regular morning workouts in the spring of 2020, dropped a good bit of weight to the point I had to get out old clothes. Then I injured by foot, and couldn’t walk on it much. I waited for that to heal, but it would not. My doctor diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis. So I’m working on that now. I have switched to doing workouts at the end of the day so I can just go to sleep and let my foot recover overnight, rather than working out in the morning and then walking around on my throbbing foot all day at work.

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Did your doc give you inserts? I was dealing with the exact same thing. It would come and go and then one day it didn’t go…for two weeks. Doc gave me steroid injection and methylprednisolone dose pack, but the real game changer for me was the shoe inserts. 80% of my pain was gone walking out of the doctors office.

Try one of those $30 muscle hook things on Amazon for plantar.

Stupid plastic orthopedic adjusting hooks. Use it for back. Brought it to work. No shit, about 29 people here bought one, and plantar was the reason for many. It works wonders (I hear).

Helps the shit out of my back.

Mine is worse. I’m a hipster label chaser for beer

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I tested positive for the dumb virus and probably ran more miles during the time off work than I maybe ever have due to sheer boredom.

Honestly it was pretty difficult. And miserable a good amount of times. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

It’s zero equipment. So you’re doing a 100 variations of push-ups. Burpees and a dozen other jump workouts. Wall sits, lunges, squats. A ton of planks and abs.

Works though.

Everyone is different on alcohol and weed use/abuse. Me, high quality beers of various styles are very much a food/taste pleasure. Six or eight good beers in a week or occasionally in a night is likely not going to shorten anyone’s life. Can’t see myself ever giving that up, the love runs too deep. That being said I do try to avoid liquor and I’m not trying to drink 30 packs of cheap lager every weekend anymore either.

Now weed, yeah I abused the ever living shit out of weed for most of my early and mid 20’s so I like doing the no weed thing right now. Weed is something I plan to enjoy a lot if I’m alive in retirement years, I like keeping my edge right now though, don’t want to smoke too much and lose drive for achievement, I think weed abuse did that to me in my early 20’s. Smoked like three nights this year, it was fun but I don’t let myself smoke more than a handful of times a year right now.

Like I said, everyone is different in terms of alcohol and weed use and abuse.


Just hit a bad weight loss plateau. Weight has not declined for twelve days despite calories being very low. The only thing I can think is that I was eating a low amount of carbs about fourteen and thirteen days ago and that is why I suddenly lost two pounds in 48 hours and my weight has not declined on the scale since then because I’ve been eating more carbs in the form of rice and low cal white bread and am just storing a lot more water than I was twelve days ago.

Everyone is different but I swear my weight at the same bodyfat % is usually + or - six lbs even over seven days depending on if I’ve been eating refined carbs like white flour or white rice or not.

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People can abuse everything, very true. I functioned my entire life, but shit I limited myself. Lost out on a lot.over the years,.lot.of times feeling shitty.

Weed is hitting that sweet spot,.very happy feel like I couldn’t drink again if I tried at this point.

Plateaus piss me off. Guess it is just best to ignore them. Might as well just keep the diet good and focus on workouts right now and let time do what it does and fix the plateau when it is ready.

Im much healthier, know Nobody That has died from this crap and there is far less other communicable diseases due to subtraction of freedoms

Got in killer shape at start of pandemic in 2020 … then about 2/3 of the way through 2020 just stopped everything and thought fuck it and lost all the progress.
….started again in July2021 and rapidly making progress.

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The main things that keep me from exercising and make it easier to eat like shit is being busy with work. Then it’s a double hit because when you work too much, during the time you do get off it’s harder to do productive things like exercise or study. Your mindset tells you owe it to yourself to relax.

So when Covid hit and all the work stuff became relaxed, it became way easier to work out and eat better. I was already in good shape, but better now and much healthier in general. Turning into a fat slob because of the pandemic is pretty much a cop out. Similar to the “It’s too expensive to eat healthy” jive.