Anyone in construction? Look at this deck

I’m not, but just looking at this it looks very “wrong”

@Walter_Sobchak has built a few decks in the past. I’m curious what he’ll say (other than it sucks and the builders are morons).

If that was my house, I would rebuild that from scratch. No part of that deck is done right. The wood can be reused for hunting tower stands.

Honestly though, a deck isn’t even needed on that property. That deck is tiny and barely raised from the ground. They should have graded and leveled that area, built a stairs and done a pavers patio instead.


Ledger bolts are fine, window is giving extra support, the only thing they could have done better, the piece of header they cut off on the left side should have been glued to the other side in order to even things up…8 out of 10…


Just gotta laminate another 6 foot or so LVL onto the existing beam. It will be cantilevered and be fine. Its only got to hold the shear weight of one joist. Or you can make it full length for aesthetics. Easy fix.
As for the plate sitting down on the window…well I reckon, unless there are sufficient fixings into the frame surround, they will have cracked glass as the deck settles before too long

I think if I built that hunk of shit that I would have to commit seppuku with a circular saw.

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