anaseage-like hello


chimaneo-you welcome

Give until tomorrow so i can ask my guys

Lotsa good ones, depending on what you want to do. Got any particular situations you need phrases for?

No idea how to Romanize most of these since I read/write Hangul (very basic--probably about a 3rd grade level), so I'll just do the phonic spelling.

  • Eye-goo! Oh my!

  • pee-kyo jew-say-yo. Get out of the way please.

  • Kam sa me dah. Thank you.

  • Uhl-ma-yo? How much?

  • chi-ha-cheul oh-di-soy-yo. Where is the subway?

  • mek-jew jew-say-yo. Give me beer please.

  • yogi. here

  • chogi. there

  • yoh-gwan. Love motel. 20,000-30,000 won for the night. Usually supplies a couple rubbers and toothbrushes. When in a pinch, stay at one of these rather than getting caught busting curfew. Trust me, it's the best money you ever invested.

  • ah-dah-shi. Term of respect. Literally Mister. Frequently used by GIs like "hajji" to mean any Korean male.

  • ah-ju-mah. Term of respect for women, presumably married with children. Beware, you use this on a young woman and she'll HATE you.

  • ah-ga-shi. Young, presumably unmarried woman. Use this on bar girls.

  • yip-poo-dah. Beautiful. Best used in conjunction with ag-ga-shi!

  • Un-ni. "Sister" in the African-American sense of the word. Used by women to refer to other women of roughly the same age and social stature. You'll hear it constantly. Only gay men use this word to refer to women. Do it for laughs with a falsetto voice, but don't seriously use the word.

-Ohp-pa. "Brother" in the same sense, but also used when they're getting busy. Stay at a yoh-gwan and you'll hear some chick screaming it--trust me. Used by women only.

  • nah-poon. Bad.

  • ka-ja. Let's go. Polite but still informal way of saying this to someone of the same social stature is ka-chi ka-yo. Very polite way of saying this is ka-chi kap-shi-da. You should recognize that as the name of a USFK publication as well.

  • moh du-ri-kay-yo - what will you order (to eat)

Shit I used to use in the field when running OPFOR.

  • Inmun gun mahn sey! North Korean People's Army hooray!

  • Tong-il Chosun! One (United, Communist) Korea!

  • Meeguk-ki ji, hwak-cheon bahn-deh! We don't agree with American base expansion!

Fighting words
- pa-bo. Fool/idiot

  • Cho-tin-ae. We're fucked.

  • Moo-tep-bo. Ogre. Usually a not-so-intelligent, but well-meaning large man.

  • anything with the word "seki" (rhymes with Shinseki--yeah, that was a funny name to Koreans) is an insult. keh-seki-ya is the most common one and while it doesn't directly translate, you're being called a fucking dog.

  • Yong-mo-go-roh keh-seki-yah. Along the lines of "fuck you clown." GUARANTEED to start a fight. If you hear this, you've been called out. Probably time to leave.

OK, enough of that line. I can supply you with plenty of phrases to start a brawl, but that isn't the point, is it?

Like I said, ask for some specific phrases and I can hook you up.


Dawn you beat me! I forgot that you married to Korean lol. I will send you pics from the tournament. I forgot Jones from the Air Force in my class good kid

Love rafie

That's awesome that Jones was able to get away enough to get into one of your classes! You know how the AF is about letting folks out for that hooah stuff! ;-| He was picking stuff up super-fast in our informal rolling sessions, so I know he's gotta be kicking ass with you. Tell him I said hey next time you see him, please.

I still check the Yahoo group every once in a while, so if you plan to post the tournament pics there, I'll see 'em.

How'd the roll with John Frankl go this weekend? Learn anything sexy and exciting?

I'm sort of bumming around at the moment. Visiting my folks for Christmas and finishing healing from level III. I think I tore some tendons in my left hand (x-rays negative so we'll look again the first week of January), so I didn't go back to the schoolhouse to roll the week afterward. I miss it already but hope to be back as much as possible for lunch and such. Don't know what school is going to allow, but as I learned in level III, all those captains come over once a week to work on level I, so I'll have at least a little fun!

Merry Christmas!