Anyone in Management Consulting?

I'm wondering if anyone has transition early or in the middle of their career from a research capacity to management consulting? I work for a technology think tank right now, however the work is mostly analytical and involves facilitating discussion more than finding a solution and implementing.

Any thoughts?

Well, that's not true...some people start out as Analysts...if you come in as an Associate then you require an MBA.

My friend got into it about a year ago. He had just gotten an electrical engineering masters degree from UCLA. Lots of travel, occasionally lots and lots of hours. Good pay. Generally an MBA is the way to go, and Ivy league if you want to go to a top firm.


I am a management consultant for the A/E/C Industry. (Architectural, Engineering and Construction)

I do not have an MBA, just a BBA in Finance.

I have my own business and am basically doing what I did for a company I was a partner with before we sold it.

I am happy to answer any questions I can. I have not been on here lately as business has been very, very good.

I believe I have an email address in my profile if I can answer any questions.

Bobby "D"

anyone work with ERP/CRM implementations?