Anyone in NYMEX NG Now?

Any of you guys trading NYMEX gas enough right now to have an opinion? I'm not trying to have anyone do my job, but I thought if any of you seasoned traders were looking at it, I could perhaps learn a little about your approach by posting some screen shots and some of my analysis for discussion.

I know everyone here loves FOREX, though, so I don't want to fill the forum with noise.

Post away, there is always someone here that can help or at least give an opinion. Being on the other side of the world I can't really comment, but would enjoy the discussion and so I will send this ttt.

Let's see if this works, if so commentary to follow:NYMEX NG 042004

Establishing a round of longs now, as i) we're testing trend support, the bottom, broken, red line ii) CoT shows specs continuing to go net long iii) stochastics (14,3,3) and MACD (26, 12, 9) giving buy signals on the 60 min. chart (not shown) iv) Oil is heading up, and natural gas is at an historically extreme discount to oil, and finally v) I have move from $5.06 minimum to current (start of blue, broken trend) pegged as a B-wave - I don't have an exact count, but I count 8 moves since $5.06, so expecting some sort of triple-three, eleven-move correction.

Pardon me if I'm vague, but I'm just looking for any insights others might have. Sorry the pic is blurry.