Anyone interested in a WinePod?

An old friend/co-worker invented a home wine making system called a WinePod...

Tell me what you think.

Neat piece of gear... if you want to drop 3500 bucks on a ~20 gallon wine system, well, good deal.

From a hobbyist point of view it seems kind of silly though. If I made wine, it'd be because I enjoyed the nuts and bolts as well as the final product- that's why I make beer. If I could get a similar system for beer, one that was basically hands off, I wouldn't use it. It would kill the point for me, plus you can make 20 gallons of beer or wine with a few hundred dollars worth of equipment, if you take the time to learn how.

Neat technology tho.

Cool, but not for me. I pretty much agree with Jonwell, although I prefer making wine and cider to beer because wine is much more hands off and harder to screw up (for me).

Press it (or buy juice) put it in a cask add yeast and put it in your cellar. Check sugar content once in a while and bottle. I don't really know what I would do with all the real time data, and I have an engineering/biology background. Now if it had a robotic bottler/corker/capper...

Post that on the wine spectator and wine advocate websites and see what happens.


Let me know what feedback you get. Please provide a link, and I'll sign up.

I'm not a wine connoisseur, but the WinePod owner and I were in the semiconductor industry. It's more on the high tech plumbing, and process that I understand.