Anyone interested in training mma in west michigan

Trying to get the ball rolling on the west side of the state. Anyone? Phone Post Phone Post

Hey Tony, are you still at grbjj or are you starting something else up? Phone Post

Im not really anywhere. Kinda wanna start my own thing up Phone Post

That would be cool. I enjoyed working with you at grbjj. Phone Post

Thanks bro. Where do you live? Phone Post

Wyoming. But I'll drive a ways for legit mma training. Phone Post

 Good drilling with ya today Tractor.

Thank bro. Glad to meet ya! Phone Post

Anything develop out of this? Just moved to Grandville from Florida and I'm interested in training. Phone Post

Check out triumph mma in Jenison. Right around the corner from you. Its owned by pro fighter Sean Dizay. Phone Post

I currently train with sean Phone Post

There's always triumph :)

Kevin motherfuckin Lee! Phone Post