Anyone into DOTA2 and watching this major?

i have so many questions…

No but miss warcraft 3. Those were the days! Dota was created by a user on warcraft 3 custom games if anyone didn’t know!

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Is this the game where the top people type 15 commands a second or some shit like that?

dont think so, although i have never played it, i think it plays pretty much like league of legends

Yep. League of legends ripped off dota. Amazing how entire genres have been created by custom games built by users.

What questions? I used to play Dota2 professionally.

Easily the best online spectator game

Have to hand it to the commentators that they have too. There are some good teams of play-by-play and analysts running the main shows. The “True Sight” series is a relatively well done look into the teams winning the International, which is the big tournament of the year.

Which team?

I’d prefer not to answer that question because of privacy issues. I will say that I was never on a top 10 team, and our team never made it to The International. We did play in a few majors, but never placed above 4th.