Anyone jerk it to Stormy Daniels?

Just curious if she's been on the radar of my fellow OG brethren. I'm not even sure I used that word right. I'm sick and I think I'm high on cough medicine. Should I be hitting the Stormy tubes?


Not impressed by her performance. 

Pete Giovine from the “you’re on the list” podcast hit that

When she is naked, she looks like Barney Rubble with bolt ons.

I tried, couldn't do it. 

For some reason my penis doesn't equate pornstar to hooker.  Now Steel McCurver seems to know that Daniels is a hooker and can't seem to want to cooperate.

Must be some childhood issue.

No but I will give me a few minutes, was gonna use gay gangbang again so it’ll be a fresh break for me

Just searched her on a tube site. For actual research, not in a jerking mood at the moment.

Meh is right. Generic is another word I'll use.

Well that was a bummer.

LOL.  She's doing a show at a strip club here in Nashville this weekend

Jambo888 - 

written, directed and starring... award winning


Just when I thought I was out.....They pulled me right back in.

Rubber Bando - This thread is missing something

I know what you're thinking...

I can't do anything about it. That trailer for Blow is pretty sweet though.

I remember enjoying her years ago. 

Bam57Bam - 

I remember enjoying her years ago. 

Can I sniff your mouse finger?

Shes gross. Her fake titties are yuck.

Too many better options, unless of course you get off to jerking it to Trump's sloppy seconds. She's got that ugly belly tat that bitches get to hide their left over baby flab

Yeah, There's really nothing to see here. I'm also not impressed.

Not yet.....okay, done.

Does she do any orgy or FFFM scenes?

I’m IN for a Stormy-Trump re-enactment tho

I jerked it to her porn way long ago, when VHS and DVD were your only recourse for video porn. I liked her looks then but her porn performances were underwhelming. I haven't seen photos or vids of how she's aged, but I can't imagine she looks good now since porn stars rarely age well. When the internet took over I sometimes jerked to old still shots of her because her old vids are disappointing.

Not whackin it much these days. But if I did, it certainly wouldn't be to her.

I don't like fake tits and I don't find her attractive in the least.