Anyone keeping up with the Kilroy YouTube debacle?

Big fight between political YouTube presenters over a free speech event in Arizona,some lady named basedmama was going to host. Lauren southern,faith goldey were refused a speaking panel they wanted for what was claimed as lack of time. Sargon and styx both just pulled out of it along with southern,goldey and others.

What the fuck are you talking about? Is this a video or just twitter nonsense?

Video? There are hundreds of videos talking about it. The woman setting it up is going to be 30 grand in the hole(rented a hotel)if people get refunds from PayPal.

Mr. Metokur has a good series on it


What is the brouhaha about? People upset over another person a panel of attention whoring political commentators getting more time or that they just in general weren't given enough time?

The woman doing the event was an ex Mormon,now she’s an ex muslim after splitting up with her muslim baby daddy. She was devoting speaking time to ex Muslims away from well known YouTube’s like lauren southern. Lady has six kids by different men and seems like a complete fucked up.