anyone know 360 deals?

Finally going next gen and I'm buying a 360 any day now but I'm trying to find a good deal. Everywhere seems to have them at about the same price.

So far the best is wal-mart with a free call of duty 2 and a cheap warranty extension. But I was hoping to find a better bundle deal. A lot of the bundles I've seen are really just the same price as all the items if they were bought seperately. What a jip.

Anyone know of a place to get a good deal on one. Not e-bay(afraid to get buggy older system) or unreputable websites please.

Thanks for any responses.

don't need an HDMI port and $70 for the bigger hard drive isn't worth it.


you may be right

probably wasting your time trying to find a better deal than the walmart deal with cod2 free. eb/gamestop had an xmas deal with ghost recon free, and a free 1 year store warranty, for the 400 price, that deal is now dead and basically everywhere now charges 400 for a new 360. my friend. I found a brand new one in box premium for $300.