Anyone know a good grip exercise?

Anything that could increase my grip? Should I just do pull ups? Get a grip strengthening tool?

I want to build a better grip for judo/bjj. Phone Post

Maybe this works?

Anyone ever use this? Phone Post

towel pullups

I have seen some video of higher level judokas doing rope climbing. One particualr idea is buy some foam rubber to place over your chin-up bar. As you perform your chin-ups the grip strength required to compress the foam and maintain the grip is awesome. You might do less chin-ups but the extra grip strength required in your hands/forearms should greatly improve your grip strength.

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Heavy farmers carries & plate pinches. and check out the link below.

JamesDean57 - Heavy farmers carries & plate pinches. and check out the link below.

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Thanks just trying to help.

also,another thing that helped me that is easy to do,is just make the decision that youre keeping the grip

before i used to let people break my grip and then re-grip,now i make them break my grip instead of giving it to them

and after they try once or twice and dont get it,they over-commit to breaking it and leave other openings

this goes for both bjj and judo,even though i suck in both haha

A few months ago my friend asked world champion Georgii Zantaraia what exercises he uses to strengthen his grip and he said to climb a big rope.

Towel chinups, rope climbing, deadlifts. That will take you damn far.

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I use Captains of Crush grippers and other of the same style, thick bar work with dumbbells and barbells, block weights, and others. If you use kettlebells try doing the workouts without wrapping your thumb around the handle. Join the gripboard at Phone Post

do judo with somebody who knows how to break grips... for, strength is one thing, being able to apply it is another.

Just want to say thanks for this inquiry. Ever since I have been doing my chin-ups, inclined pull-ups using towels for gripping instead of the bar. Really focuses on strength in your grip/forearms.


I saw an article where a fighter used two tennis balls on a chin up bar, really works the forearm and grip. Also I used two old baseballs and screwed eyelets into them and do pullups gripping the baseballs. Very cheap diy equipment.

Here is a link to the picture of the tennis ball pull ups.

mongrel 911 - Here is a link to the picture of the tennis ball pull ups.


How often should I work on grip strength? Phone Post 3.0